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Beautiful check in location at the foot of Hai Van Pass

Beautiful check in location at the foot of Hai Van Pass

Da Nang tourism has never let us down. Once again the waves stir the tourist believers when 2 new virtual check-in locations appear, making the image as beautiful as a movie. Let’s explore right away!

Hai Van Pass is always a destination that any tourist believer wants to conquer by the majestic beauty but also very poetic. Once in the top 10 most beautiful coastal roads in the world voted by the Guardian in 2015 and is considered one of the most dangerous roads in Vietnam with “death” bends. The scenery on one side is a mountain, on the other side is a vast sea with a view of the sky and the earth, truly when you arrive and then you can feel all that beauty

On the way to conquer Hai Van Pass, do not forget to check-in at the famous U-shaped bend, stopping at “lonely pine” or Hai Van Customs. Remember to pay attention to the traffic when taking pictures here.

In addition to the winding bends, mesmerizing beauty, recently again the Hai Van Pass area has made the tourism community aroused when they discovered two new virtual locations on the picture that look like movies. photo, make sure to be in awe. 

Hai Van Bac Station is a train station located in Phu Loc District, Thua Thien – Hue Province. The station is a point of the North-South railway, linking Lang Co station (Hue) with Hai Van station (Da Nang).

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