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The asahi tower project is located on Vo Van Kiet Street

Can ho asahi tower quan 8 officially opened for sale in the second phase – in September 2020 with extremely attractive prices. After the first phase of opening and selling all apartments in the Asahi Tower project  have found owners. In the opening sale in September 9/2020, Investor will  open new sale  of the most beautiful “Corner – 2view” units in the project with extremely preferential price, discount up to 16%.


– Project name:  Asahi Tower

– Investor: 577 Groups Company.

– Location: Vo Van Kiet, Ward 16, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City.

– Site area: about 13,000m2

– Construction density: only 39%

– Number of floors: 22 floors (1 basement, 5 commercial floors, 16 floors of apartments and terrace)

+ Basement: Technical room and parking

+ Triet and mezzanine: shopping centers and services, restaurants, cafes, kindergartens, community activities

+ Total of apartments: 978 units with area from 51 to 80m2 (2 and 3 bedrooms)

Asahi Tower  was built in an architectural style built in a separate, closed model with classic-style design, Hoang Gia should be very luxurious, security, creating a high-class residential community, bringing distinct cultural traits.

This is considered the most luxury apartment in District 8, you will enjoy a new life in the heart of District 8 – a district that is the most thriving in Ho Chi Minh City, with a tram system right next to the project. Monorail route No. 2 connecting District 8 and West areas of Ho Chi Minh City.

The leading isolated apartment area in District 8 –  Asahi Tower  has a total area of ​​over 13,000m2 building density of only 39%, all the remaining spaces are green park areas and utilities for all residents. in the apartment.

Location of Asahi Tower project

The asahi tower project is located on Vo Van Kiet Street, Ward 16, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City. In the future, the Vo Van Kiet route will be widened 60m with 6 lanes as the ring road 2 of Ho Chi Minh City.

Convenient transportation location

Therefore, this will be a project of high profitability in the future, when Vo Van Kiet route is completed, Phu Dinh bridge is completed, Monorail subway line 2 is adjacent to the project.

From the project, it is easy to move to the center of District 7 and Phu My Hung urban area along Nguyen Van Linh in just 15 minutes. Easy to move to the city center in only 20 minutes along Vo Van Kiet Boulevard – a wide and airy road without traffic congestion.

With adequate infrastructure, developed services and trade, convenient transportation routes easily connect to the downtown of the adjacent districts as well as surrounding facilities.

From  Asahi Tower in District 8, get connected quickly to:

Apartment Asahi Tower

At  du an Asahi Tower  on the ground floor you can own up to 5 utility floors to meet all the needs of customers. In just one step, you can go to the market, send your children to school and swim to the gym at GYM & SPA.

Asahi tower internal utilities

1 / Royal Park:  With closed security system, Asahi Tower makes a special impression with the 4,500 m2 green park, shaped like a giant colorful carpet.

2 / Marble Fountain Waterfall:  You can not resist the magnificent beauty when right in front of the great hall is the Marble Fountain waterfall with a unique design, with delicate depictions with royal classic style.

3 / Golden Hall welcoming hall:  Splendidly designed with intricate carvings and directions to the blue swimming pool.

4 / Paradise Pool:  Immerse yourself in the green color in Paradise Pool, you will find the time passing so relaxed, soothing.

5 / Tea House:  Blending with the delicate, classic beauty of the magnificent Italian dome, Tea House truly stands out in the pool like a miniature European castle.

6 /  Pit jogging track:   It is great to wake up early in the morning, drop soul into a cool space or rhythmic feet on the Pit jogging track

7 / Children’s play area – kindergarten

8 / Convenience store and other commercial service area …

Utilities at the asahi tower project

1 / King Club Restaurant:  considered as a place for gentlemen where the gentlemen can relax and enjoy with a friend sipping a glass of wine on the weekend or watching a soccer game together without having to go. where far.

2 / Health care area Queen Spa: a  place for ladies – health care and relaxation care for skin, hair, … for yourself after stressful working hours. Then this is where the ladies are relaxed.

3 / Café – Bar:  You can completely invite your colleague and friends to sip a cup of coffee on the cool and windy terrace….

4 / BBQ garden:  After stressful working days, you can also join family and friends to enjoy the smoky dishes at the garden BBQ area.

5 / Kid Garden’s aerial play area:  On the terrace is not only a place for gentlemen, ladies, and brothers but also a place for children to have fun when their parents share coffee with friends. partner, just can look after your child.

6 / Sky Zen Garden yoga, aerial meditation area:   this is the most special point of the project, with a quiet space on high place is the most suitable place for you to focus and improve your concentration and yoga.

Reasons to choose to buy Asahi Tower Apartment in District 8

The location is extremely convenient

Most people think District 8 is far from the center, but if you have time to learn, you will find it very convenient to move from District 8 to the city center. Can ho Asahi Tower located on Ba To Street, near the two main roads of Pham Van Linh and Pham The Hien, so you will be extremely convenient when moving into the center of District 1.

High profitability

According to the city government, the Western Bus Station is an important transport hub, ensuring the connection and connectivity of the public transport system on National Highway 1A, Ho Chi Minh City – Trung Luong Expressway and existing Nguyen Van Linh avenue; ensure the connection of residential areas and new urban areas.

This will be the premise for Asahi Tower apartments to be highly profitable and the apartment will be easy to sell if customers buy investment.

Second, Phu Dinh Bridge will be built in 2020 by Nova land group to connect with the most modern Harbo City port urban area in Asia.

Tuesday, Completing Vo Van Kiet Street and ending the last 15km of Ho Chi Minh City’s Ring Road 2

Fourth, the market system of Cho Ray hospital is expected to move to Binh Chanh area.

Own high-end apartments with mid-range prices

The project is designed according to Singapore’s high-class apartment standards including ideal facilities such as medical services; downtown; kindergarten; Park; swimming pool … This is considered an extremely high quality living environment for households, especially families with children.

To meet the needs of each family,  Du an Asahi Tower are designed into many types, including 2-bedroom apartments and 3-bedroom apartments. Each apartment is decorated with high-class furniture such as wood flooring, kitchen cabinets …

Therefore, whether choosing to buy or invest in the future, Du an Asahi Tower will bring increasing value to the owner.

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